If we are to be saved and have a place in God’s kingdom, we must accept God’s way of salvation.


Below are the beliefs of ROLCC we encourage you to understand more about who we are and what we believe in and please do not hesitate to reach out to our ministry staff with any questions that you might have. 

We believe the Word of God is the only guide to happiness in this life and for the life to come, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and instruction in righteousness.  II Timothy 3:16-17.  We also believe that all Scripture was inspired by God, that it was divinely given by God to man who gave it to us.  Men wrote not of their own will, but as they were moved upon by the Spirit of God.  II Peter 1:21.

We believe that there are three persons in the Godhead; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and these three are one in unity, in purpose, and in love.  They cannot be separate in worship for they are one in the Godhead.  I John 5:7, Matthew 28:19 & John 14:16,26.

We believe that repentance is a Godly sorrow for sin and includes conviction of sin, hatred of sin, forsaking sin and turning to God.  II Corinthians 7:10.

We believe that except man be born again, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that new birth is a change of heart expressed in life, wrought by the spirit of God in regenerative power, so that we become creatures in Christ.  John 3:5.

We believe that water baptism is a type of death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  By our submitting to it, we identify ourselves with His death, His burial, and His resurrection.  It is not a saving ordinance but is an outward symbol of an inward grace; repentance and faith on the part of the individual being the condition to receive baptism.  Our Lord commanded His disciples to teach all nations baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  We believe the above formula to be the one to be administered when baptizing.  Matthew 28:19.  Baptism, (Greek, baptize, to immerse) should be observed by all who have truly repented and believe in Christ as their Savior.  Mark 16:16.

Divine healing has been believed by the Saints of God both in the Old and New Testaments. It was the credentials of the early Church, and from the Scriptures, we believe that it is given to the Church today and until Jesus comes.  The Church’s ministry is one of deliverance and that is definitely a part of that ministry.  Divine Healing is wrought by the Spirit of God as the administrator of the Church when we come believing.  Mark 16:18, Matthew 10 and James 5:14-16.

We believe in the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.  We believe that all believers should seek to know more about the Lord in His fullness and power.  Jesus told us that “when the Holy Ghost is come upon you, ye shall receive power to be witnesses unto me.”  Therefore, we need the infilling of His Spirit in our lives to have the power of witness for Him.  The Holy Spirit is also the comforter in the heart of the believer.  He is also the one who sanctifies our lives that we might be used by our Master.  By progressive and continuous process in our lives, He leads us from glory to glory until  ultimately we stand by His side in a glorious body.  This still being the Holy Ghost dispensation, the believer has every reason to expect His coming into their lives as in the early church.  We do believe in the supernatural, physical manifestation of speaking with other tongues.  Acts 2:4, 10:44-46 and 19:6.  We believe that the speaking in tongues is the initial evidence that one has received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We believe Jesus Christ is coming again to receive us unto Himself.  His purchased own.  It is mentioned many times in the Scriptures.  We believe that His coming will be a literal, bodily, visible return.  We should seek to live and work in view of His soon coming.  Matthew 24,  John 14:3, Acts 1:11 and I Thessalonians 4:14-19.

We believe that the believers in Christ should partake of this sacrament in remembrance of the finished work of Calvary until He comes again.  We do not hold closed communion, but it is open to all believers in Christ who might be in our midst, whether a member of our church or not.  Each member should examine his own heart as to whether he is doing it in remembrance of the Lord’s death or just a custom.  It is a time of fellowship of the Church as the one Body of Christ.  I Corinthians 11:28-30.

We believe in heaven, a literal place that Jesus has gone to prepare for us.  It is the dwelling place of God.  John 14:2.

We believe that all who refuse God’s plan of salvation will be eternally lost and will go to hell where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched.  This place will ultimately be cast into the lake of fire with the devil and his demons.  Mark9:42-48 and Revelation 21:14-15.